Nebraska.Code() Conference 2016

Our Co-Founders are headed to Nebraska.Code() conference next week and will be presenting 4 sessions on Friday, May 20th. It’s a great opportunity for our team to share our experiences and give back to the community through speaking and we are pleased to have been selected to speak at Nebraska.Code() again this year.

Humanitarian Toolbox

In addition to speaking, Nebraska.Code() gives us a chance to contribute our skills to help others. The conference will be hosting the Humanitarian Toolbox project with a code-a-thon that will allow attendees to work on developing software tools to help with disaster relief around the globe. We are pleased to be able to contribute our time and skills to this great cause and hope to see many of our fellow speakers and attendees at the Code-A-Thon.

Speaking (Friday, May 20th)

Brent Stewart (@BrentEStewart)

Getting to Market Faster with VSTS

11:45 AM (Breakout B1)

Visual Studio Team Services is Microsoft’s next evolution of Visual Studio Online. Come see what is new and learn how VSTS can make your life better. We will examine the different modules available and look at a sample workflow taking us from project creation through deployment. Along the way we will look at how we can use VSTS to setup our source control, continuous integration, automated testing, continuous deployment and more. VSTS is a powerful tool, come see if it is a good fit for you and your team.

Practical Patterns for the Progressing Programmer

2:15 PM (Breakout A1)

Understanding software design patterns is critical for every developer who strives to be top-tier. Come join us as we explore some of the most common design patterns and discuss how you can leverage them to make your life easier. We will look at some real world code examples and learn to recognize common problems and how to use different design patterns to create elegant solutions. Learn to spot common anti-patterns and the pitfalls they bring. Join us and take the next step in your career.

Duane Newman (@DuaneNewman)

Xamarin Forms: Writing one app to rule all your platforms

9:45 AM (Breakout B1)

Are you seeking the Holy Grail of Write Once Run Anywhere app development? Then Xamarin Forms might be what you are looking for. This session will give you the information you need to understand Xamarin Forms and how it can be used to lower the friction of cross platform mobile development. You will see how easy it is to simultaneously create your app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone using this Open Source toolset.

Branded for Success

1:00 PM (Breakout D)

Everyone has a personal brand! The question is are you in control of yours, or letting others define it for you? What does your brand say about you? Are you a Coca-Cola, Pepsi or RC Cola? Brand isn't just a logo and website, it's your first impression on potential employers, clients, and even your co-workers. Let's take a look at the relevance of a personal brand in today's developer market and what you can do to take control of yours.

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