Bluff v1.1

Over the weekend Duane released Bluff v1.1

Bluff is an Open Source project that aims to bring useful automation and productivity commands to users of Sony Vegas Pro. It is an extension built against the Sony Vegas Pro 8 extensibility API and should be compatible with user of Sony Vegas Pro 8-13. If you would like to contribute to Bluff, then check out the GitHub project.

New to this version:

  • We added a new Command: Arrange Events By Created Timestamp.
  • We now have an official MSI installer.
  • We made some changes under the hood by updating the project to .NET 3.5 and converting all the User Interface to WPF.
  • We started building the official release against the Vegas Pro 8 DLL for better compatibility.

You can get the current release of Bluff here:

You can find more details on Duane's blog post about the release..

Announcing Bluff: a set of Open Source extensions for Sony Vegas Pro 12+

Announcing the first official release of our Open Source project Bluff

Bluff is an Open Source project to help make you look like you know what you are doing in Sony Vegas Pro. Developed using the Vegas Pro extension model, it takes you a step beyond what can easily be done inside a standard script. Developed initially to help create some custom video effects for internal and personal video projects. We thought it would be useful to other content producers out there and would like to see it improved by the community.

Bluff currently adds several useful commands to assist your video production process, including:

  • Create Video Wall
  • Order Events by Name and In Time
  • Randomize Events
  • Convert Markers to Regions
  • Reorder Markers
  • Split Region

Bluff requires Sony Vegas Pro, has been tested and built against Sony Vegas Pro 12, and should also work with version 13.

The official release binaries and installation instructions can be found on our GitHub Release page.

If you would like to contribute head over to the repository and fork the project today.